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Top Sales Magazine - March 2019

In The Interview Hot Seat

Tamara Schenk

“You Cannot Scale Sales Enablement Without Solid Foundations” Jonathan Farrington interviews Tamara Schenk, Director of Research with CSO Insights. Sales enablement grows up; that’s good news. But not fast enough. Enablement leaders should take the time to focus on HOW they approach sales enablement before simply pushing new “stuff” to the sales force.

This Month’s Editorial

Jonathan Farrington

“Are We Losing “People Skills?” Jonathan Farrington uses his March editorial column to bemoan the fact that personal traits or as he prefers to call them, people skills are no longer being taught and are, in fact, being relegated to the annals of history, as more and more of our commercial relationships are conducted online. That, in turn, is removing a very high percentage of the human element, which used to be so important in a seller-buyer interaction.

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